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!Friend's Only

My journal is now friends only.

My old icons and fics are still open, but everything else is locked. If you want to be friends comment and if we share interest or know each other from around, I'll add you :D
If you're looking for my graphics they can be found over at little_oddities
TW | Baby Betas

Last Day- Entry Here and Entry There Day Ten

Last day of the challenge, so most likely this journal will go quiet again after tonight. But I have enjoyed posting regularly and coming up with things to post. I'm not really a social creature, oh well. 

Soon I'll be posting some icon over @ little_oddities that I've been waiting to post for a while now. Mostly icons from teenwolf_elite and universe_the challenges. But icons none the least :D
AHS | Dreams

Random Fact - Entry Here and Entry There Day Eight

Random fact of the day:

I entered a competition Coles was running, as a joke and ended up winning one of the prizes. I ended up wining 4 tickets to a One Direction concert in Sydney. And because I'm not that big of a fan of their's I'm planning on selling the tickets later this week. No lose on me and a get to make some money. Yay!
SL | Trio

Music Meme - Entry Here and Entry There Day Six

Totally stole this from someone on Tumlbr :D

Type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears. . .

Love: This Is Love (Feat. Eva Simons) - Will.I.Am
Hate: I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
Light: Greased Lightning - Grease OST
Dark: Dark, Sad, Lonely, Knight - Holy Musical B@man!
Good: No Good Deed - Wicked
Bad: Bad Influence - Pink
Smile: Smile - Lily Allen
Cry: Crystal Ball - Pink
Girl: Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn
Boy: If I Were A Boy - Beyoncé